Links to your Happiness

“Links to your Happiness”    by Helen McKay

A strategy to enhance your life...

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Enhance your life with a simple strategy. Identify what makes you happy.

Refocus: become more confident. Be Happy and healthy. Enjoy the stories.

Learn about:
The Happy Book - for recording the simple, everyday joys of life.

Learn how Colour influences your happiness.
Synchronicity and Laughter - the Happy Healer.
Enjoy the benefits of a creative space.

"To be happy we need to refocus: to appreciate the tiny, joyful, everyday occurrences that delight us and develop a positive attitude."

Hightor Publishing Belmont NSW Australia ISBN 978 1 921124 31 0
© 2007 Helen F McKay

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Links to your Happiness

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Links to your Happiness is a useful, information-accessible introduction to understanding happiness.’

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