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Saturday 19 September 2020

Samples from a Happy Book


Samples from Helen's Happy book

Seeing butterflies flitting around, so carefree

Finishing the chores and seeing the house sparkling again

Listening to the songs of birds in the morning

Watching a beautiful sunset with all its glorious colours

Feeling the surface of lovely fabrics: silk, satin, velvet

Polishing my lovely old furniture 'til it gleams

Seeing people enjoy the food I've cooked

Watching blue butterflies flitting round my garden

Sinking into bed after a hard day's work

Biting into a crisp, sweet apple / pear

Stroking a pet dog and getting licked in return

Listening to beautiful music in a quiet place

Sitting in a lovely garden and smelling the scents of flowers

Having my hair done by someone else — especially by children

Walking beside the lake and seeing a scatter of little white yachts

Travelling in the car around the coastline with bouzouki music playing

Enjoying a freshly made cup of tea in a fine china cup

Listening to the ethereal sounds of a harp - bliss

Hearing a good story, well told

The feeling of wellbeing, following a long shower

Listening to the tiny sounds in a silence

The smell of an old fashioned rose in the evening

Helen McKay 2008
email: books@helenmckay

Happy book example Happy book example Happy book example Happy book example Happy book example

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“Links to your Happiness”   by Helen McKay
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Links to your Happiness is a useful, information-accessible introduction to understanding happiness.’

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