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Saturday 24 March 2018

Happy Books

The Happy Book - a Record of Your Happiness
(See examples of covers)

See ...
the bright, cheerful fabrics and
Touch the cover's textures
Let them stimulate your senses,
And lighten up your mood.

Open up the cover and
Read the welcome page
Suitable for big or little kids or
For folks of every age.

Write ...
All Your Happy Moments
Into your Happy Book, each day,
And when you're feeling sad - or blue,
Reading through your book
Will lift you up — it's good for you.

Be Happy!

"Happy Books", by Helen McKay
Direct from the author: @ AUD$5.00
Plus postage $3.00
Mailed anywhere in Australia (overseas plus $8.00)

About the Happy Book

This book is for you to write in, about
the many things that made you happy —

Take two minutes everyday,
To write down the joyful things
that made you happy

One day you will enjoy looking back,
To see what makes you happy now.

Whenever you feel happy - no matter how
Large, or small, your happiness is ...
Write it down in your Happy Book.

You are responsible for your happiness.
So ... When things go wrong and
you feel sad, sick, or sorry,
get our your Happy Book
to enjoy seeing pages of your happiness.

Relish ...
The bright colours in the fabric
and feel the lovely texture of the cover
with your hands.
Stimulate the super-sensory areas
in your hands that cause
the release of serotonin in your brain.
A flood of endorphins will be released
into your bloodstream
and your mood will be enhanced.
This will make you feel so much happier!

Look at the things that made you Happy.
Choose something from the list to do,
to change your mood and make you Happy too.

Be Happy!

Some Feedback on the Happy Book

"I am on my way to happiness Helen. You have given me inspiration and I am now going to tidy up here, do my garden and get on with it." — Dawn Tubby, Wellington, NZ

"My little happy book is a great inspiration - there were so many things I had forgotten that were important to me." — Brenda, WA Australia

"What you suggested about the Happy book will help both of us. It's wonderful to hear from someone so positive." — Alex, UK

"Helen, you will be pleased to know that the14 year old boy, I mentor, is using your Happy Book, and really enjoying writing down, what makes him happy each day. I can see definite improvements in his general attitude. So ... congratulations once again ... " — Sue Alvarez, Manly, NSW

"I will never ask God for things that I don't have, but thank Him for the things that I have." — Yola Severino, bushfire victim, who lost everything except the Colourbond shed, in the NSW fires of January 2002

"I enjoy reading what I've written in my Happy Book" — Samantha

Helen McKay 2008
email: books@helenmckay

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“Links to your Happiness”   by Helen McKay
Direct from the author: @ AUD$20.00+ postage $3.00 Mailed anywhere in Australia (overseas add $3.00)

Links to your Happiness is a useful, information-accessible introduction to understanding happiness.’

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